Devin MacLachlan is a natural born thinker and planner. A highly creative professional who constantly pushes the boundaries of his available resources, Devin is always thrilled to find a unique solution to the next “problem.”
Over his years developing product for some of the world’s best known brands, he has learned to channel his creative energies to strategically respond to his client’s needs and craft a pleasing, and many times unexpected, plan of action.
Devin brings a keen visual sense, a sharp eye for fashion, and a great level of cultural appreciation to the table. His passion is boundless and he is driven to make every event he produces a delight that will live on in for years to come.

“We’re not just planning a party; when you sit down with I DO, Events, we are planning memories to last a lifetime.”

Contact Devin at Devin@IDO.Events.

Todd Schneider grew up in Westport, Connecticut where he worked for Martha Stewart and other various catering companies. His goal is to bring his “Personal Touch” of Event Planning & Design, plus his knowledge of food to Florida. Todd’s background is very extensive and has worked with many celebrates and high end political figures in his 25 plus years as an Event Designer, Planner & Chef.

Todd has won over 10 awards for best food and design. Recently featured online for a bat mitzvah. Voted “Best caterer”, voted “Best Wedding Coordinator”, and voted most “Original”

Todd never says “No”, it’s not in his vocabulary. I feel you can always go outside the box. But you can also rearrange inside the box!

Contact Todd at Todd@IDO.Events.