“I planned much of our wedding, but I was at a loss and needed help, thoughts, insight and input. Devin is AMAZING and was a wonderful consultant and confidant to me. He has that “sense” of when something needs to be done or said. Honest, sensitive, caring and very hard working, he came with me when I went shopping for my wedding gown and was so very helpful.  When he started to cry when I put on a dress, I knew….it was the one!  Not only was he helpful to me that day, he also helped other brides and their moms find the “right” dresses and explained to them why he thought this dress was right and that one was not.
“At our dress rehearsal, Devin organized the whole family and made sure that our needs and desires were articulated….AND when he learned of a rain storm coming on our wedding day, he immediately began crafting “Plan B” because I had planned for an outdoor ceremony.  On the day of our wedding, Devin and his executed Plan B as the heavens opened … and our wedding was gorgeous, memorable and exactly what one wants from their special day!
“Our wedding would not have been the warm, welcoming, joyful, fun event that it was without all his help, foresight, input and expertise.”

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