Day of Wedding Coordinator

Day of the Wedding Coordinator FloridaA Day of Wedding Coordinator, unlike a professional full-service wedding planner, is a special type of assistant that allows the bride and groom to engage in most of the planning for their wedding but requires a professional to properly execute all of their work on their wedding day. If you have a desire to plan your own wedding, yet require the assistance of a professional to execute all necessary tasks to ensure that your special day is exciting, romantic, and memorable, a Day of Coordinator is a wonderful option. While the Day of Wedding Coordinator is hired to ensure that your actual wedding day goes as you have envisioned it, their work starts several weeks before the event. In this guide, you will learn about the various responsibilities associated with the Day of Wedding Coordinator.

The Weeks Prior to Your Wedding

The Day of Coordinator most commonly arranges to meet with you and your significant other two to three weeks prior to your wedding. The professional will create a timeline of the events leading up to the wedding and the events that will take place on your wedding day. The individual will review any type of arrangements that you have made – including those that directly involve vendors. At this time, the Coordinator will confirm all details with the vendors and will provide each with a timeline of events pertaining to the wedding day. Rehearsal and pre-ceremony details will also be covered at this time.

The Rehearsal

During the rehearsal, the Day of Wedding Coordinator will perform several tasks. These include:

  • Providing wedding timelines to both the maid-of-honor and the best man.
  • Choreographs the wedding with the officiator of the event.
  • Informs the wedding party of the place that they should meet and the time.

The Pre-Ceremony

The Day of Coordinator has a wide range of tasks that will need to be performed before the official wedding ceremony. The following outlines examples of the activities that will be performed by the event planning professional:

  • It is quite likely that the event will require make-up professionals and hair stylists. The Day of Coordinatorwill inform these experts what time they should arrive and will instruct them where to set up all of their supplies and equipment.
  • Food deliveries will be checked in, coordinated, and set up for the reception.
  • Meet with the photographer and/or videographer to discuss the shots that are desired and to provide additional instructions, as necessary. At this time, the pictures of the bride and her immediate family will be taken, as well as those of the groom and his immediate family.
  • The Day of Wedding Coordinator will ensure that an emergency kit is on hand at all times. This kit should include items such as safety pins, hairspray, a sewing kit, deodorant, and other items that may be needed for the ceremony.
  • The Coordinator will communicate with the best man and the family of the bride to ensure that everyone is set to arrive on time and that the bride and groom do not see each other prior to the ceremony.

The Ceremony

The Day of Wedding Coordinator has numerous responsibilities as it pertains to the wedding ceremony. The following outlines examples of these tasks:

  • Setting up programs and other items that directly pertain to the event, such as a guest book, candles, etc….
  • Meeting with the ushers of the events to inform them when and how to seat the guests.
  • Setting up the musicians for the wedding.
  • Acts as a type of liaison with the officiator to cue the start of the wedding ceremony.
  • Put everyone in their proper position and place.
  • Greet reception vendors and provide instructions on the set up.
  • Meet with the staff that is doing the catering to confirm the timeline of providing food to the guests.
  • Set up the cake, cutting utensils, and the champagne flutes.
  • Set up the reception table numbers and/or name cards and place menu cards on the tables.
  • Set up the amenities baskets, towels, soaps, and other required items throughout the reception area – including the restrooms.


The Day of Wedding Coordinator is a professional that is considered to be highly valuable to the bride and groom that want to plan their own wedding, yet, enlist the help of a professional to carry out all activities required before, during, and even after the event. In this guide, you have been presented with a list of common tasks performed by a Day of Coordinator. In fact, this is only a very small list of all of the tasks performed by such an individual. Why be part of the event staff if you can enjoy being the guests of honor at your wedding? By electing to work with a Day of Wedding Coordinator today, you will enjoy many memories of your special day for all of your tomorrows. For more information, contact I DO, Events by calling: 754-800-4436