Miami Wedding Planner

Miami Wedding Planner I DO EventsWhat can be more memory-making than saying, “I do” on a picture perfect Miami beach? With two vital elements that make your day special already in place, Miami wedding planning is a breeze (think ocean). Miami is an ideal location to celebrate your love. A majestic Florida beach setting provides the perfect venue.

With location and venue established, you’re one-upping many frazzled brides to be. Still, if you’re thinking do-it-yourself, planning a wedding is one of the most stressful life events. When you’re bogged down in details, the day becomes less about you and more about the event itself.

Before you throw your hands up in desperation and decide to elope, let us show you an easy solution.

Reasons to Engage a Miami Wedding Planning Coordinator

Engaging the services of a Miami wedding planning coordinator is the greatest wedding gift you can give yourself. She will get the best bang for your wedding buck.

Your wedding planner puts the focus back on you. She serves as your exclusive rah-rah person throughout the planning process. Trust her to arrange even the tiniest detail, so that you don’t have to.

Working within the constraints of your budget, your person secures the venue, florist, band, caterer and more. You will save beaucoup de bucks by hosting your wedding celebration on a public beach. But, you can’t throw up a pavilion and arrange guest chairs on a Miami beach without permission.

Whether you’re a local or out of towner, you can’t go wrong with a Miami wedding planner who is accustomed to dealing with regulations and permits for your beach wedding. Your person will also familiarize you and your guests with important beach rules.

Alternatively, if sunshine beaming on your head and sand in your sandals isn’t your idea of fun, your person has a stable of fine venues and fancy hotels for your previewing pleasure.

Miami is a city boasting a melting-pot of cultures. This means menu items are available from regional to exotic and all you’ll have to do is taste.

Your Miami wedding planning consultant can get you sweet deals from vendors and prime discounts from venues. Considering the valuable information and savings your person can provide their services are worth the upfront expense.

Choosing the Right Miami Wedding Planning Coordinator

You want your very own exclusive person. You know you do.

But, there are so many Miami wedding planners, how can you choose the right one?

Affordability – The wedding planner who tries to induce you to buy the most expensive wedding package available is not your exclusive person. She is more interested in saving rah-rahs for her bank account.

Your real, right person approaches wedding planning as her passion, not strictly business. When you find the person who takes her time and interest to really know you and support your vision, sign the contract!


Traditional advice advocates checking the wedding planner’s references, both from clients and vendors. That’s all good, as far it goes. Be mindful, there will always be disgruntled clients who blame the wedding planner, even though he or she didn’t do anything wrong. Vendors may not volunteer any negatives because they want to keep the account.

The one measure you can rely on is your gut feeling. What was your first impression of the Miami wedding planningcoordinator? First impressions are formed within seven seconds. Either you like the person and feel you can trust her, or instantly dislike her.

Research supports that first impressions effectively reveal whether the person is innately kind and trustworthy, or not.

Go with your gut.

Bottom Line

Engaging a Miami wedding planning consultant is a non-guilty pleasure. You will make all the important decisions, but the right wedding coordinator will save you time, money and alleviate stress.

The best wedding planner works with, not against you.

Your wedding day is the time to express your style and embrace your bliss. Keep shining!