Planning a Beach Wedding From Afar

Planning Beach Weddings from AfarMany couples dream of having that perfect Florida beach wedding, escaping the snow and cold of the north or just saying I DO with the friends and family that mean so much by your side. A beach wedding can be a romantic memory for years to come but it can also be one of the most stressful events of your life.

Step one: Plan, Plan, Plan!

When having a Florida beach wedding there are other things that must be considered on top of everything else that go into planning a wedding in a church or hall. If you live outside the area you will want to find a local wedding coordinator that can guide you through the ins and outs of a Miami Beach wedding. A local professional will have the connections and knowledge to guide you through the quicksand that can stumble into when planning a beach wedding from far away.


  1. For a beach wedding everything needs to be brought to the beach, set up for the wedding and then quickly torn down and moved off the beach after the ceremony.
  2. Most beaches are public which means you will be sharing them with others. Often people on the beach are quite polite once a wedding starts and will turn down music and try to respect the couple but there is always the chance of jet skies zooming by at the I DO moment.
  3. Think about your guests and how to help them enjoy the day. Are there older guests that may have issues walking on the sand? People may become hot and uncomfortable in the sun. Do you plan on using a tent or passing out umbrellas to shade your guests? Have water for your guests incase anyone gets too hot.
  4. Sound and music can also be a challenge depending on what you have planned. A single guitar is a great option for a beach wedding but if you want a specific song played the logistics of a sound system can be a challenge.
  5. On top of everything else depending on the time of year you plan to have your beach wedding you may run into turtle nesting season. Sections of the beach you want to use may be unavailable because of turtle nests.
  6. Many beaches will require a permit that must be obtained day or even weeks before the wedding so the city knows who has reserved sections of the beach.
  7. There are also very strict rules on what can be used for decorations and beverage containers on the beach.
  8. Always have a “Plan B”? If it ends up raining what do you do? Your event planner can help make sure your Plan B is ready to go just in case.


The most important thing of any wedding is that you enjoy your day. Knowing someone has your back reduces your stress and you know everything and everyone will be taken care of in just the right way. I DO, Events is here to help guide you through all the details and make sure your beach wedding is everything you have always dreamed it to be.