Planning a Fall Wedding

Planning a Fall Wedding, I DO EventsPlanning a Fall Wedding

If you are planning a fall wedding, it is quite likely that you view the season as a time in which breathtaking displays of colors reflect a period of time when the “old” starts to make way for the “new”. This amazing sentiment, combined with nature’s beautiful display of reds, oranges, purples, and oranges make fall one of the best seasons for a gorgeous and memorable wedding. The natural appeal of autumn may be integrated into your personal vision of the “perfect” wedding that you have always envisioned in numerous ways. In order to enhance the look and appeal of your wedding, it is best to enlist the help of a professional wedding planner. Not only will the individual work to ensure that your day is all that you have ever dreamed of, but, they will handle all of the details so that you may celebrate and enjoy this magnificent moment in your life.

What is a Wedding Planner?

Successful fall wedding planning depends on the appropriate management of all aspects of a wedding. Professional wedding planners are individuals that specialize in assisting with the theme, the design, the planning, and the overall management of a wedding. These professionals offer a wide array of services that are highly beneficial in ensuring that a couple experiences the wedding that they have always envisioned. Examples of these services include:

  • Completing an interview with the engaged couple in order to identify the needs and wants associated with their wedding day.
  • Outlining the amount of money that may be budgeted on the fall wedding.
  • Engaging in the design and the styling of the fall wedding.
  • Scouting for entertainment venues and negotiating for the absolute best prices.
  • Preparing the list of individuals that will be invited to the fall wedding.
  • Identifying the types of wedding professionals required for the fall wedding and hiring those individuals. Examples include the photographer, the caterers, the florists, and the videographers.
  • The coordination of the deliveries and the various services that directly impact the wedding day.
  • Manages the schedule when engaging in fall wedding planning.
  • Assists and/or prepared with any/all legal-based documentation required for the fall wedding.

Important Factors to Consider When Engaging in Fall Wedding Planning

If you enlist the assistance of a professional wedding planner, the professional is sure to outline certain types of factors that should be considered when planning a fall wedding. While it is true that the planner will complete all the tasks needed to ensure that your wedding is what you have always dreamed of, they will require your input on certain matters. Examples include the following:

  1. In the fall months, using nature as a backdrop to a wedding is highly advantageous. Not only are the colors of the month considered to be exceptionally beautiful when it comes to decorations, but, the natural outdoor features are absolutely perfect for pictures. You should work with your professional wedding planner to determine how and when to take advantage of all the beautiful outdoor scenery at your fall wedding.
  2. There are certain beverages, main dishes, and desserts that are commonplace during the fall months. Examples include seasonal teas, hot apple cider, pumpkin, turkey, pot roast, pies, and similar dishes. You will need to first develop a fall-based theme for your wedding and then work with your wedding planner to determine the most appropriate foods to correspond with that theme.
  3. Once you have determined how to use natural backdrops to your advantage, have determined the theme of your wedding, and have outlined the beverages, main dish, and desserts that will be at your wedding, it is time to determine if you will utilize seasonal décor to beautify the event. Examples of common pieces that you may incorporate include pumpkins, fall leaves, corn stalks, hay bales, wildflowers, and gourds. If you are into fall wedding planning, it is ideal to use at least one to two seasonal decorations in order to enhance the event.


Fall wedding planning is a very popular event each year – especially during the spring and summer months. If you want to capture the beauty and essence of autumn in your wedding day, there are many creative means of accomplishing this task. In this guide, you have learned important factors that should be considered when planning a fall wedding. You have also learned about enlisting the assistance of a professional wedding planner to aid in the event. Here at I Do, Events, we currently offer a multitude of services that is sure to make your fall wedding a memorable event. If you would like assistance in your fall wedding planning endeavors, contact us today by calling:754-800-4-I-DO or 754-800-4436