Seven Tips for Planning a Beach Wedding

Tips for an awesome Beach Weddings in FloridaA spectacular beach wedding in Florida can be more than a dream. Whether you are a resident or visitor, planning is the most important step to achieving joy up to and including your special day. Unlike birthdays, weddings don’t come around every year. There is little opportunity to practice making it a happy occasion. Even micromanagers know some tasks should be handed off to a pro. The right professional beach wedding planner will make your event perfect.

  1. Choose a planner who finds out what you want using phone or video chat. The ideas and recommendations are arranged in order, with a custom quote returned to you within 48 hours. No matter what kind of wedding you want, you can have your wedding your way.
  2. Review the response for any tailoring. The size, location, and number of guests affect possible changes. A wedding planner offers suggestions for streamlining exuberant details without losing quality. Qualified guidance and task-handling reduces the pressure of wondering what to trim and what is mandatory.
  3. Get the required permit for the Miami beach wedding of your dreams. The marriage license is not enough to allow a ceremony on the sand. The City of Miami requires a completed wedding permit listing things like the time, date, and total attendees submitted at least 15 days before the ceremony. It is important to book early so someone else does not get the area you have your heart set upon first.

A licensed wedding planner is experienced with the required documentation. That relieves you from dealing with requirements like signed approval from nearby property owners and concession/contractors. It spares you from doing the research about measurements and features required for the site plan when you hire a pro.

  1. Cover all the arrangements despite your busy schedules. Your Miami beach wedding or a ceremony in another location relies on good planning. Let the planner know what you want and be confident of the results. Treat the wedding party to a spa day or have the ultimate rehearsal dinner. A trusted planner makes your special event perfect by getting to know the couple and what they want.
  2. Select the wedding location wisely. A beautiful section of any Miami beach is still subject to breezes that toss sand. Why not avoid that scenario by relying on the businessperson who knows which areas are most protected from the wind as well as the tide.
  3. Excuse the wedding party and guests from wedding-day matters that interfere with enjoying the ceremony. Find abeach wedding planner who offers day-of planning to bring everything together on your wedding day. Simply discuss what you are handling prior to the wedding and what you want taken care of on your special day. There are so many things! Chairs, canopies, and flowers are a start.

The permit states items must be carted or hand-carried to the site. The area must be completely cleaned immediately after the ceremony. You will enjoy your wedding more when you know your guests are part of the happiness instead of running around trying to take care of details.

  1. Experience the input of someone who has been here hundreds of times. Your family and friends love you lots. They will push their own ideas and quash other suggestions. A wedding planner has a list of vendors and a gallery filled with wedding pictures to help you decide on the Miami beach wedding that is right for you.

Etiquette and expertise are traits that make a ceremony special. Feel comfortable asking your planner about any of the details on your wedding path. Fair prices and impeccable service from recommended vendors will reduce stress on this important day. Get the service you deserve from the experts at I DO Events by calling 754-800-4436.