Why choose a gay wedding planner?

Do words like creative and fabulous come to mind, well of course but there is much more to a gay wedding planner than that. Straight weddings and gay weddings are similar but not the same. Tradition may guide a gay wedding but not limit it as happens in many other weddings. We all want this special day to reflect us, and who knows us better than someone from our community. The most important thing is that your wedding reflects you as a couple gay or straight.

When you start searching for a wedding planner it is such a personal relationship that many gay couples will be more comfortable with a gay wedding planner. For many gay couples the idea of a wedding is something very new and many have not thought about it at all because it wasn’t an option. There are so many options on every decision that needs to be made, venue, flowers, apparel, music and everything for the wedding reception. It’s a great idea to have someone in your corner to help you with the sea of choices you will have to make. Your gay wedding planner will guide you on everything from wedding budgets to starting your honeymoon off in a spectacular way.